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1. It's not about what you know, but who you don't know.


2. Stay cool until after school.


4. Patience grasshopper.


5. When you come to the fork in the path, take it!


6. You may think it is perfect, but somebody may not.


7. We eat, we shit, we fuck, we kill, we die.


8. God is love.


9. There is no God. Only nature.


13. Suffer, you little piece of shit!


14. Fifteen red pins.


15. The true artist lives at the bottom like a dog.


16. The true artist makes nothing. The true artist makes everything. 


17. Running ahead of rules. The true outlaw never breaks the law, because the law never knows what the true outlaw is doing.


19. What’s next Frank?


20. Contemporary Art Context number 49: Art + Politics= Power


21. I love my bell!


22. In memory of Contemporary Art.


23. I Love Venice Biennale and Venice Biennale Loves Me.


24. Welcome to the bullshit and boring art world.


26. Talk, talk, talk, 24/7:  the hot gossip between my curator and me.


27. Talk, talk, talk 24/7, the love story between the painter and me.


28. Ah…Zen Master!




30. Do not pin down yourself. Do not categorize yourself.


31. We are not emerging, we have already emerged, we are here right now!


32. New York! It’s me!


33. Good ideas, long time ago.


34. No more bullshit! No more fried rice!


36. It’s getting dark and confusing in here, so we need a light on. Something new and fresh. Something that happens in which everything changes.


38. No man is an Island. You need a backup, may be.


41. Yum Cha Club, the conceptual engine for Frank Fu Art.






48. Morning moaning behavior suction.


49. Do whatever you want to do, not whatever the lady wants you to do.


50. I can not and will not let myself be made into any possible art auctions.


51. You are only as good as your last project.


56. Start with an idea, end with a memory.






62. If you want to become the master, you must kill your master first.


63. No matter where I go, I’m still Frank Fu, I’m still head of school.


67. One can only (mis) recognize oneself in the mirror of one's actions. If the mirror is showing obscenities, then so be it: Acting out the shame of being (in) human is the task of art.




73. Artists don’t have careers?


74. One day you’re in, the next day you’re out, the next day you’re in it again.


77. Love the one you with.


78. No matter what’s the tradition. One tradition we must hold on to it—the humour. In other words, are we having fun yet?


81. In order to go up to the next level, you need to come down a level.


83. Life is too short to be captured, live free. If you want to do actions, do actions; if you want to make movies, make movies;

if you want to go travelling, then go; if you want to have institute, then have one.




86. Frank Fu steaming penis.


88. What’s the movie about? I guess it’s about the sky, the land, the sea, the grass, the tree, the mountain, men, women, demons, sex, the cosmos and the rest 27minutes 58 seconds.


90. Chastity belt. Destiny belt. Hello White Man. Double happiness. Japanese war machine. No sudden movement.


93. It has always been a work of imagination/immigration.


95. If your horse is dead, get off.




97. Short time to live. Long time to wait.


99. I may spend my whole life to think about the business. What business, may be it’s just a theory, or many theories.


100. After all these, I realize I can do many things. I can do multi tasks.


101. There are a lot of travelings involved in my works.


104. Easy come. Easy go. Straight up and down. Small but colorful.




106. Bi Xu Di (must be); the left field; two zero zero nine; good water runs slow; no more takeaways; I’m on drugs, you are on drugs, we’re all on drugs; quickly; seven beers; everything; two monkeys’ fucking. One monkey is watching; losing focus; taking your eye off the ball; the landscape thing.


107. Science, Philosophy, Art, the three big fuckers!


108. You will love it, Frank. It is an exploration of the director’s sexuality.


109. I can’t put everything into the movie. It’s about selection. It’s art, not everything, but something.




114. Not just bang! bang! bang! Making stuff/things, making staff/things. You know you can also make stuff/things by not making any stuff/things.


116. Russian Roulette Crème Brulee.

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