Just Roll Up - The Confidence Man!

Asian Contemporary Art Fair, Pier 92, New York, USA

Day 1 - 8th Nov standing there with 4000 red pins pin on the white suit, with nothing wearing inside called SOLD! (5 hours non-break)

Day 2 - 9th Nov lying down with red pins to form the threshold called THE THRESHOLD (4 hours non-break)

Day 3 - 10th Nov kneeling on top of the ACAF catalogues with Buddha electronic candle on top of my head, with plug into my mouth called MAKE IT WORK! (5 hours non-break)

Day 4 - 11th Nov standing on top of the crate and reading loudly the book called Simulation written by French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, until finished reading the entire book. While I was reading, there was a public program going on next to me called Lecture: Robert Storr In Dialogue with Xu Bing. The project was called READING SERIES

Day 5 - 12th Nov the last performance at the fair. Collaborating with Director of the fair Thomas Arnold, Curators Lilly Wei and Eric Shiner