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Orange Confucius

(73 mins, color, China, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, Italy)

Synopsis 1

Mythological and religious, ritualistic and performative, located between the shortness of time and the echoes of filmmaking. Orange Confucius is a filmic adventure that combines the views of two lovers. A true love story followed by a real journey that distance and in which ventures into this parallel universe that allows fiction and love.

Synopsis 2

Orange Confucius is a multiply doubled adventure into the very nature of cinema. Combining macro and micro world-views, labour and therapeutics – the film tracks a real journey and a real love affair, yet it does this via parallel forays in and out of a radically fictional dimension. Mythological and religious, performative and ritualistic, it locates the brevity of time in eternal echoes, redemption in embodiment. The lovers travel as if magical cosmic twins; but their earthbound existence induces recurring distraction, ill health, and indifference. Resolution comes, but it too is multiply doubled.

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Director’s Statement

Making a film is akin to the figuring-forth of a new form of life. It’s like giving birth to oneself afresh. This process is intensely personal and intimate, but it’s an intimacy of the outside, of the other. By travelling within this intimacy we gain access to the transformative, shape-shifting dimensions of everything encountered along the way. From dreamscapes of human desire and suffering, to animal, plant and mineral milieu – from medical imaging and the crack of thunder to daily rituals of tourists and companions, everything intrigues the eye and the ear. There seems then no need for imposition. My ordering and narrative come from the passage itself… Get used to it! 

- Frank Fu

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