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Under the blood moon, after 37 years of being the head of school at FU institution mental unwellness society, an androgynous Frank Fu finally bent over and escaped the iron clit communism with his ankle grazing long black hair to be in the land of Angelenos. As the tight-slit man tries to be the king of porn in Hollywood, he’s made redundant by the fishy smell. With COVID spreading and the economy getting worse everyday, his adrenaline and blood pressure pushes him to embark on a fresh adventure to           build  a new mental unwellness institution with a gay bar in the back, where he can start his own talkshow - Frank Fu Talk Shit. Only then, his wet juice begins to flow and he is the consumer of his own woes. Is this a sick, twisted and politically incorrect joke to the self-help help-self industry? Only the entertainment dust will tell. Now I have some anxiety moments, and I need help!

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