8 Actions 

A month-long performance art series, happening at various locations across the city of Los Angeles.


A path, many paths, ends here and starts there. It's like water, keep flowing, it's a way of life, thinking about art, doing about art, then again what is art?

Action N° 1 "Who does the artist think she is?"

Action N° 2 "Time, Money, Career and Pokémon - The basic quality-of-life of being an artist."

Action N° 3 "Logistics and Exercise - Domestic Issues we’re facing right NOW!”

Action N° 4 "Commodified Revolution - Moaning the resistance towards dealer galleries.”

Action N° 5 "Social Intercourse - One Beer Chant - More Tea More Pee - Be wrong, Be raw and Let’s celebrate in style!”

Action N° 6 "From Hugging to Hanging - An endurance journey about Desire & Pain.” with artist Yves Gore and Hannah Hughes

Action N° 7 "Be True - Promote Yourself - embrace your egos and ambitions, bit by bit, depression and anxiety are part of the journey too.” Presented by guest speaker Yves Gore

Action N° 8 "Forget About Everything - No more bullshit, fuck art, fuck movies, fuck everything!”